Philanthropic donors are increasingly using their capital to tackle social and environmental issues in Southeast Asia. Yet many do not know where best to channel their funding. Our Giving Guide aims to address this problem, by providing publicly available insights on g...

What do we mean by impact? What is the difference between outputs and outcomes? What do we mean by impact management?

There's a lot of jargon in the non-profit sector, particularly around impact management. Review how we use these terms with our Jargon Buster

With many organisations in the sector all wrestling with the idea of 'impact' and 'impact management', we think there is value in pooling our shared knowledge and experience to better understand how these ideas work in the Singapore context. We think this needs to invo...

Kwan Jin Yao's letter (Charities must address long-term structural issues) to the Straits Times Forum on Tuesday resonated with us at Just Cause. His letter was written in response to Melissa Kwee's article (What does 2017's volatility mean for giving?) and received a...

As the holiday season returns many of us get into the giving spirit while charities ramp-up fundraising initiatives. In Singapore, the internationally celebrated annual #GivingTuesday (the first Tuesday of December) has now turned into #GivingWeek: Dec 1-7!

There are ma...

A recent Straits Times article titled Holding charities to account explores the challenges and barriers to a more transparent and accountable charity sector in Singapore. It touches on many of the reason why Just Cause was set up and what it hopes to achieve in improvi...

In one of the most popular Ted Talks yet, entrepreneur and human rights activist Dan Pallotta speaks about how it is time to rethink how we judge non-profit overhead as "too many non-profits are rewarded for how little they spend — not for what they get"....

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