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Tips for charitable giving this holiday season

As the holiday season returns many of us get into the giving spirit while charities ramp-up fundraising initiatives. In Singapore, the internationally celebrated annual #GivingTuesday (the first Tuesday of December) has now turned into #GivingWeek: Dec 1-7!

There are many great organizations to support and it can be overwhelming to decide who to give to and how much, so Forbes Magazine created this helpful article about responsible giving, Your Guide To End-of-Year Giving. The guide outlines a couple of simple steps to help make this year’s giving more enjoyable, for you and the organizations you support. For more information on each step, please see the link above.

  • Make a budget

  • Give more support to fewer charities

  • Vet the organization carefully

  • Get your tax benefits

  • Get the kids involved

It’s important for children to learn about the importance of philanthropy as early as possible.For those looking to give locally, visit the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre‘s site www.giving.sg – which provides an easy way to donate to your favorite charities.

Don’t forget, certain donations are tax deductible!

No matter what kind of charity you give to or how much, be a responsible donor and make your help really count.


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